The Kross

Here is the Kross. It has extended xl mudguards supplied by dealer. It also has a Hase mount up front. The water bottle is just strapped on with vecro straps and seems to hold just fine.

A small cateye computer gives an idea of mileage and speed, but dont expect to be travelling too fast with 3 large knobblies. I think I will be swapping these out for something a little slimmer and less noisy.

I fitted a mirror, but the current set up needs changing as the bar end needs swapping over to allow the mirror to be able to ‘see’ oncoming traffic. Guess that is a British thing as we drive on the ‘wrong’ side of the road compared with continental drivers.


On the back are a couple of bags that are waterproof and can be had for £5 each. I got them locally from a company that provides fantastic army surplus gear. They are Johnsons of Leeds. I will post  the type and the changes that I have made to them. They work equally well as low-riders too.

Currently there are no reflectors on the trike. That will be one of the first jobs.

Sorted the reflectors out very easily with a front light and a standard rear built into a light. Made a couple of simple brackets to mount the rear lights, from some thin metal. Hase have a kit but I saved the cash and just as effective. The screws to hold it are already on the seat. The pedals have reflectors to and I moved over my spd shimano pedals.

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