Trike back on Road

It has taken an absolute age, (as in months) to get the trike back from the dealers. Gone to a new dealer who could not be more helpful.  Real difference from the original down near Leeds. This one near Shrewsbury has given the trike a complete once over and really knows his stuff.

The dealer even went over to Germany and was speaking to the head of engineering about the problems with the gear cassette which causes a 3 mil wobble. This is ‘within normal manufacturer tolerances’. It must be a design flaw according to the dealer as there were plenty of bikes in the factory with the same problem.  He thinks there will be an eventual recall once they get things worked out.

The bike has not done a huge total mileage (as in 300 miles). It is on its third cassette. Second set of chains, second set of drive shafts. Bit scary that. The repair bill looks like over 16 hours of building and rebuilding and a complete back end of bits. Thankfully it has all been done under warranty.

The gears were knackered, cassette was hanging off after not being torqued properly, rear shafts bulging, new bearings, the list goes on.

Up front the schlumpf drive has the correct parts fitted, so now the seat will  not get ripped and pierced by the drive.


The smile on my face getting this trike back was priceless.

The only downer was that after being sunny all day, as soon as I sat on the tractor it decided to chuck it down.


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