Boxing day ride

The trike has been holed up in the garage waiting for a day off to have a ride.

The brakes are terrible at the rear. They definitely wont stop in tandem form. They will need re-bled. They have just got back from the dealers. May have been a little air in system.

I think I would stick with cables in future. nice and easy to fix. BB7’s may be difficult to get just right, but they are bullet proof.

Did a short 5 mile ride only for the right crank arm to fall off! Seriously, hard to make this kind of stuff up.

No bolt holding it on to the schlumpf shaft. Nothing to do but limp home using battery and single pedal.


Will now get onto dealer and ask them to send me the bolt, which is probably sitting on their bench. oops.


Worst still is the new arm fitted for the chain guard. It has two bolts that have come loose. they can only be tightened by removing the whole schlumpf drive, remove cranks, everything.

very disappointing.

the trike is off the road again with less than 5 miles under its belt. Now another 6 hour round trip to dealers to get it sorted.

Bah humbug.


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