Back on the road

It has taken an age, but brakes are bled. new pads fitted as they have worn down completely at one side (in 600 miles) New bolt fitted to pedal crank. Schlumpf has been removed and the bolts to the electrics tightened and loctite added this time.

Good run to check everything is as it should be.

Set up the tandem and had a blast. Two days in a row. The electric heinzmann kit certainly takes out the pain in the hills. Smooths it out and allows you to go uphill probably about two gears higher.

I find it helps a lot especially when I am in ‘towing mode’ when my partner is tired or unable to pedal. The two trips did not dent more than a third of the battery each time and we took on some ridiculous hills.

All that being said, the weight of the kross is colossal. the front wheel alone is heavy. I dont think I could get the  bike over a fence on some of the trails, it is just too heavy. This is really a tractor unit.

I watch as we get overtaken by everybody on two wheels. Today an elderly gentleman on two wheels sauntered past us. I said nothing to my partner, but smiled.


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