New dealer

We have moved to a new dealer as we did not get anywhere with the previous one. In fact they still have equipment we paid for and parts that have not been fitted. we decided to call it a day with them. Probably we were most concerned when the bike had gone back to them and the brake fell off as the bolts had not been fitted. scary. Needless to say they blamed me.

the new dealer quest 88 seems really nice. he is very knowledgeable about trikes and takes a real interest, i.e not just in it for the money. he has provided some useful tips and advice which are very welcome.

It is a shame he is so far away, but that is the price with specialist trikes and recumbents.

We got new tires fitted at the back end which are certainly better than the knobbly max max’s that came with the bike. the rolling noise is less and I am sure the trike feels a little faster. bit subjective, but with the heinzemann up front and knobbly tires it did feel like you were wading through treacle.




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