Decent ride

We had a great ride out to one of the cycling cafes near Chester, and a circular tour along a river, which was really nice. Weather remained overcast, which makes for great cycling. Speed remains relatively constant at 9mph. We wont win any records, but it does mean that my partner can take breaks when she is tired and we keep going.

The heinzmann battery system still works well, although it did jam on a few weeks ago. This made the cycle home a lot quicker, but obviously drained the battery much quicker. It must have been a random quirk as I cleaned the contacts and things seem to be back to normal.

The battery system adds a lot of weight, but the difference it makes is very noticeable. it is about two or three gears worth of power overall. On the really steep hills you crawl up, but you are not exhausted, especially if I am in tow mode and powering the rig by myself.

It is feasible to do a good cycle with judicious use of power and not have the person behind doing any work. You do however notice the difference when they stop pedaling. I am not sure i would like a constant on system. I like being able to choose when i get some ‘juice’, via a hand throttle. That way i can eek out the amount of power that I have available.

We did around 46 miles, started with 3/4 of a battery and came home with a little power left in the tank.

The only niggle is that despite an overhaul of the hydraulic brakes by the dealer, they continue to grab at one side. I dont think there is anything that can be done, except get them bled again. beginning to wish that I had just ordered bb7s all round. Certainly next time that would be my choice for a much easier set up that does not involve visiting the dealer regularly.


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